How I Work With Trauma

Julie Nachman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist describes the tenets of her Mind/Body-Based approach to PTSD/ Trauma Exposure by using the game of Pick-Up-Sticks. Julie uses a technique called Somatic Experiential Psychotherapy – this is a Mind/Body-Based approach to trauma resolution. Often trauma exposure or PTSD can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. Julie and […]

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My Approach to Attachment

I help people living with emotional attachment trauma learn how to create securely attached relationships. We work together understanding how early experiences shape our attachment style, our ability to communicate, repair, and relate. Attachment can be defined as a reciprocal relationship, or what I often refer to as a “relationship dance” learned from our early

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How I Incorporate Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback, is a technology that teaches people to optimally regulate brain arousal, manage anxiety, stress, mood, sleep and behavior. This safe, non-invasive therapeutic tool monitors brainwave activity electronically, from electrodes placed on the scalp. Special software monitors rhythmic patterns in brainwaves and changes the sound or an image on the screen

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