My Approach to Attachment

I help people living with emotional attachment trauma learn how to create securely attached relationships. We work together understanding how early experiences shape our attachment style, our ability to communicate, repair, and relate. Attachment can be defined as a reciprocal relationship, or what I often refer to as a “relationship dance” learned from our early caregivers.

My own experience of having a loved one affected by early childhood trauma changed my life and informed my professional path in counseling and neuroscience. I devoured all I could about the brain, trauma and attachment. This experience and knowledge has given me the chance to pay it forward by helping individuals who experience attachment disturbances find the support they need.  If this sounds like something that might be helpful please get in touch.

“Insecure attachment is created by a lack of emotional responsiveness. Secure attachment is created by emotional attunement during key, critical moments of relating with a loved one.” – Alan Robarge

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