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    Perhaps you have a desire to connect more deeply to yourself and others. Maybe you’ve been trying for years to let go of something from the past. Or you’ve developed a habit of dissociating (checking out) from your internal experience. You show signs of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, hyper-vigilance, or relational difficulties.

    I hear you. I recognize that you seek long-term positive change and I will provide you with the supportive therapeutic environment necessary for healing. Taking the first step to seek help isn’t always easy. Your intention and motivation to continue your healing journey is something to celebrate; let’s celebrate you!

    My specialty is using an integrated Neurocounseling model that blends a comprehensive understanding of the central nervous system and brain function into the practice of Counseling. Evolve Neurocounseling offers clients to learn to work with their own brain/body/mind connection, creating new pathways to transform lives.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

— Anais Nin

  • Therapy Services

nachman healing trauma

Transforming Trauma

I specialize in PTSD Treatment exploring recent or unresolved trauma exposure.


Regulate & Rewire

realign and regulate tree

Realign & Regulate

Overcoming Chronic Pain with a mind/body approach

evolve transform leaf

Evolve & Transform

Say goodbye to past dark days and proclaim a new identity

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