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If you have a big desire to connect more deeply with yourself and others, we are a good fit. I love working with clients who have developed a habit of dissociating (checking out) from their internal feelings and sensations. This happens all the time in our Western culture. When we are checked-out, we tend to misjudge threats, miscommunicate, we are often less tender to ourselves and others, and have limiting self-beliefs. I love to work with clients who are willing to move their focus from external events and thoughts to their internal present experience. 

I am fascinated with the nervous system and I enjoy breaking-down complex concepts to better understand why we do what we do. My psychotherapeutic approach allows you to be a student of your nervous system which helps realign and reconnect. 

Good News, your chronic pain can be greatly reduced! Have you struggled with pain and fear your pain will always be a chronic condition? Let me help you with a mind/body approach. Research shows there is often an intersection between Pain and PTSD. PTSD and chronic pain can create a compromised central nervous system that can manifest a constant over-association of physical sensations. Many clients who come to me with a chronic pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IBS, and headaches have exhausted a constant search for a cure, which often can perpetuate physical pain.

I am continuously fascinated with the research coming out about the intersection between pain and trauma. 

Levine, Peter (1997). Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma. North Atlantic Press.

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Is the idea of telling your story to a stranger overwhelming? I get it. That's why I offer you a chance to see if we are a good fit before you start.

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